Connected Tips From Troast


Subject: Re serialize Connected

Quit Connected. From the finder:

Open your applications folder, Go to the connected 5.3 application folder, find the Connected 5.3 applicationicon, control click on it, show package contents and navigate to Contents -> MacOS -> Config

Delete the conne.cfg file (you may see it as "conne")

Restart Connected. Follow the serialize window that comes up & type in the required info.

Give that a try, it should work.


Subject: Rename your Connected file if you use the ODB

Rename your file with a .df1 suffix or else you won't be able to map the file in the ODB administrator.


Subject: Regarding using the proper IP address in the ODB Administrator

The one that is read by hitting the button "Read IP", in preferences of the ODB Administrator software is the internal IP of the server on the network.  For remote access input the external "real" IP assigned by the ISP.

Subject: Changing Opening GL Balances (never do this without consulting with me or your CPA 1st)

Routine Name: BF
Password: MASTER

Subject: Downloading Budget info & overall GL data dump. Very useful for budget updating & excel report writing

Routine Name: ACCOUNT
Password: EXPORT

Subject: Routine to have GL (TB) agree w. the Balance Sheet

NOTE: Prior to starting the steps below, ensure that no users are accessing
your data file that you have a verified backup.

Routine Name: GREEN
Password: ACCOUNTS

1) Select Utilities from the File Menu and choose Routine.
2) Enter GREEN in the Name field and ACCOUNTS in the Password field.
3) Highlight all accounts in the list.
4) Click OK
5) A working message will appear that says "Verifying Account Card Balances"

When completed, verify the numbers have been corrected. If not, contact us

Subject: Re-calculate the PO value for an item

To re-calculate the PO value for an item, please run the following

Routine Name: NEGATIVE

This is done under File -> Utilities -> Routine

You will then be asked to enter an item range, enter this item in the From
and To spaces. Connected will then ask "Do you want to recalculate stock
Levels?" answer Yes to this prompt.

The information should then be re-calculated. After the routine is
complete, please go back and review the PO value in the Item window for this
item. If there are no Purchase Orders, it will show to be a zero value.

As with any routine, please ensure you have a backup prior to running the
routine, and ensure that only 1 person is in the data file when this routine
is being run.

The cause of this is most likely, either a hangup in posting the PO, a PO
receiving, or a change was made to the Purchase Order, after it was posted.

Subject: Correct misposted entries due to compter crash (never do this without consulting with me or your CPA 1st)

Routine Name: ENTERPRISE
Password: DELTA

If you have any questions, contact me.


Arthur Troast, C.P.A.

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