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Subject: Avoiding Duplicate Payments

RE: Input Bills and Pay Bills, Controls:


Never enter from statements. In addtion, check statements to the vendor ledgers to confirm the bills on the statement.



1. Upon input of a duplicate invoice no., when adding a purchase, a "Validation Error" will pop up and Connected will not let the duplicate bill no.s to be entered.

NO dates as bill numbers when bill numbers exist. Certainly NO statements entered as bills if they simply recap overdue amounts to vendors. Enter from the bills ONLY.

2. For anything job related (and everything else non overhead routine) POs should be entered to authorize later bills & bills should only be entered against POs. That way the user will know if the PO was already used (exceeded...)

3. For all overheads, a budget should be entered and actual to budget scanned every month which should reveal double payment of anything routine overhead like utilities, rents, insurances.... I have this in place at various other clients.

4. All overhead should be looked at on a monthly spreadsheet and month actuals scanned one versus the other. Even without a budget, overruns could pop out.

5. Under AP, Vendors, you get an activity ledger (these are Key). All bils can be listed and sorted by amount which should reveal duplicates (after the fact). Anyhow this is how you might look for more. I found my double payment, in your system, in seconds this way.


Subject: Creative Co. Workflow Model:

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Arthur Troast, C.P.A.

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