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To my individual tax clients:                                                                                                             

Please read the following instructions and check list of data needed for your personal tax returns carefully. Thank you.

I am looking forward to getting your personal income taxes done as early as possible. All tax documentation is required to be mailed to you by January 31st (except for Freelance & forms K-1 -- let me know if any of these are outstanding) so you should have everything. If you could forward your info to me currently, I'd appreciate it.

Your Tax Data is Due By:

In order complete your returns by April 15, I require all of your information in my office by mid to late February. After March 15 I reserve the right to extend the filing of your returns if I do not have complete information by this date. If you have any questions please e-mail or call me at 917 783 8691.

Partial checklist:

Specifically you need to send me all of the following that apply along with any other data that you have for your taxes. I prefer original or copies of tax documents over hand written summaries:

1. W-2’s for wages

2. 1099’s for dividends, interest, non-employee comp, anything else on form(s) 1099

3. K-1’s from partnerships, LLCs, trusts, S-Corps

4. Year end Brokerage Statements & related 1099-B from brokers. I need the calculated gains/losses from the annual statement too please.

5. Social Security SSA 1099s

6. HUD statement for RE transaction,

7. Form 1098 for mortgage interest and realty taxes

8. Child and dependent care provider expenses

9. Education tuition and fees

10. Student loan interest paid

11. 1099-R Distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement, IRAs, profit sharing, etc.

12. 1099-G Government payments for refunds & more...

13. Alimony, jury duty, disability income

14. Business income & expenses, rental income & expenses

15. All new equipment acquired in including date, description and cost

16. IRA or SEP contributions made, planned or requests

17. Any other retirement contributions you want me to consider

18. A list of all of your estimated tax payments including dates, amounts, type: Fed/State/Local

19. Medical & dental expenses

20. Taxes paid

21. Charitable contributions

22. Union and professional dues

23. Professional subscriptions

24. Uniforms and protective clothing

25. Job search costs

26. Safe deposit box rental expenses

27. Any other applicable tax documents or information

Auto, travel, meals & entertainment:

Please see:

for Information needed to deduct expenses for use of business auto, travel, meals, entertainment & apparel. This is important. Otherwise these deductions can't be taken.

Deductions for childcare require a Federal ID number and address for the provider.

Please note that, except for freelance business activities (individual sole-proprietors & single owner LLCs - Schedule "C" businesses) I do not need spreadsheets with calculations - just original documentation is sufficient.

For freelance business activities (individual sole-proprietors & single owner LLCs - Schedule "C" businesses) I need your annual summaries right away. I prefer this be e-mailed to us in MYOB, FirstEdge, Quicken/Quickbooks, Excel or at the very least, summarized by category in an e-mail.

Please mail copies of your tax data to my office address at:

Arthur Troast, C.P.A.

126 Valley Road, 2nd Floor

Glen Rock NJ 07452


When using e-mail, please e-mail all documentation & questions to:

Thank you.


Arthur Troast, C.P.A.


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