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To our estate & trust tax clients:                                                                                                

Please read the following instructions and check list of data needed for your tax returns carefully. Thank you.

I look forward to preparing the returns as early as possible. All tax documentation are required to be mailed to you by January 31st (except for forms K-1 -- let us know if any of these are outstanding) so you should have everything to us by February 15 at the latest. After you have received your documents please send them to us as soon as possible.

Your Tax Data is Due By:

In order complete your returns by April 15, we require all of your information in our office by mid to late February. After March 15 we reserve the right to extend the filing of your returns if we do not have complete information by this date. If you have any questions please e-mail or call Arthur at 917 783 8691.

Partial checklist:

Specifically you need to send us all of the following that apply along with any other data that you have for your taxes:

1. 1099’s for dividends, interest, non-employee comp, anything else on form(s) 1099

2. K-1’s from partnerships, LLCs, trusts, S-Corps

3. Year end Brokerage Statements & related 1099-B from brokers

4. HUD statement for RE transaction,

5. Form 1098 for mortgage interest and realty taxes and the notice from your locality

6. 1099-G Government payments for refunds & more...

7. All new equipment acquired or capital expenditures including date, description and cost

8. A list of all of your estimated tax payments including dates, amounts, type: Fed/State/Local

9. Taxes paid

10. Charitable contributions

11. A checkbook register for the estate/trust

12. A summary of rental income and related expenses

13. A summary of any farm income and related expenses

14. Any other applicable tax documents or information

Auto, travel, meals & entertainment:

Please see:

for Information needed to deduct expenses for use of business auto, travel, meals, entertainment & apparel. This is important. Otherwise these deductions can't be taken.

Please mail copies of your tax data to our office address at:

Arthur Troast, C.P.A.

126 Vallery Road, 2nd Floor

Glen Rock NJ 07452

Our e-mail is:


Thank you.


Arthur Troast, C.P.A.


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