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We need your data by February 5th or sooner please. After this date we can not gurantee anything but an extension until 9/15.

Connected Clients:  Please send us a copy of your data via: 1) locate your file. Depress the "Control" button and single click it. Compress it. If its small enough to e-mail, please send it. Or 2) If its too large then burn to CD & mail it please.

MYOB/ACCOUNTEDGE Clients: We need to coordinate your MYOB bookkeeping since it is already tax season. It is a March 15 deadline. Perhaps one of the more important global points is that we need an update to your MYOB file with everything you know for year as completed. Once this is done, and you e-mail it (data file only) to us, please lock the file and disallow entries prior to January 1 of this new year so no further changes can be made while we draft the returns and come back to you with adjustments. To lock the file, see the next topic.

Lock The File Please: Locking is not the same as "closing the books". We can deal with this on the phone (or via e-mail) when you can tell us you are ready. Otherwise its done via the "Setup Menu", Preferences, Security. See the 2nd toggle box and the pull-down menu right beside. Make sure you disallow entries prior to January 1 of this new year. Call us if you need to. Otherwise tell us you have done this in a e-mail. PLEASE DON'T UNLOCK UNTIL WE GET YOU YOUR ADJUSTMENTS.This is Important. Thanks.

Finishing Up: All bank reconciliations, credit card charges, and out-of-pocket (petty cash) charges need to be accounted for up through 12/31. Please complete this bookkeeping now in January. Call us with questions on this.

Let us know, in advance, when we will get an update of your MYOB/AccountEdge - data, once all this is complete. Then I will draft your return a.s.a.p. If you have any questions please e-mail us. Everything is being e-filed with the Federal, State and Local governments.

Please e-mail us your data (back up of data file only).

Thank you,


Arthur Troast, C.P.A.


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