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YOUR 4TH QTR PAYROLL, W-2s, 940, &1099s DUE BY JAN 31:


Need us to help you complete this? Once the last payroll is done, send us your data (back up of data file only) by e-mailing to:   Don't start a new payroll year until you do this 1st please.

Notify us that you need this or ask questions:  Contact Us

For payroll forms (use priority service code Q07853):  Delux Payroll Forms  Choose "Forms", "Tax Forms" for laser printers if you will be printing any of this in-house.

Finally, its time to consider outsourcing payroll. We recommend SurePayroll. You still can continue to do it via web or we can do it for you. Let us know. Here is what you have to get us to make it happen.


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